Ninja 250 build

Motorcycle s : 06 Ninja and Suzuki Burgman Was used as a parts bike, I plan on making it into a street fighter bike, but I can't make up my mind because the plastics are in good shape, just needs painting. The bike was missing a fuel petcock, ignition key, gas cap, upper triple tree, carbs, Here is what I plan on doing.

ninja 250 build

Clean the bike and every nut, bolt, wire, plastic, etc. Order new Pirelli MT75 tires, new battery, fuel petcock, and a gas tank bracket Re-grease and inspect the swing-arm bushings, suspension linkage bushings, new wheel bearings, new brake pads, clean the chain and oil still good, just dirty as helland replace sprockets.

Change fork oil, upgrade fork springs, inspect steering stem bearing, check alignment on forks and triple trees, install clamp style handlebars on triple tree, make a headlight bracket. Inspect the valve train and adjust valves if needed, check timing, and change the oil. Not planning on doing too much as the engine looks in damn good shape and has good compression psi on both cylinders.

Get the extra carbs I have rebuilt by Ducatiman. So far here is what I have done I have removed the rear end to be cleaned and inspected. I pulled the old air box out, I removed the chain and sprockets.

I am hoping for this to end up being a very clean build and cheap build. Looks like a lot of fun work. Keep on posting updates! Great project! Shoot, too late! Be careful about spending too much on these builds.

Custom fairing!! Looking forward to watching the progress of this build!! Here is another update. I have a carb set, front tire, sprocket, battery, spark plugs, and brake pads on the way.

Once I get all of that installed and the bike running, I'll start focusing on the suspension.So I bought a 10' r to track after having done track days all summer here at miller Motorsports park in SLC. Was gonna track my cbr but couldn't justify selling my special edition Leyla fairings to track her out and being in college I found it financially more sound to go with a as it be cheaper and my good friend that is a mechanic races in the class already so having a friend in the class would help.

Found one all ready to go on the WERA classifieds. Went down to Vegas to pick her up. Pretty much the regular modifications but lacking an after market rear shock and needing new fork seals and the carbs cleaned. Ordered seals, shark fin foot protector to be race legal, stomp grip, and woodcraft clip ons.

Everything is almost in so decided to start with fairings. Took me off, removed all the girly stickers, and sanded the white down a little to have a more ashearablr surface. Here's a pic if my ghetto apartment hallway paint booth. Have a cheap electric sprayer. Came out pretty good for only paying. I know the vinyl may not hold up well but it's worth a shot to see. Gonna add some white in certain areas.

I'm in nursing school so I think I'll add a few of the medical cross symbols in white in a couple places. Was thinking of putting "mg of whoopass" somewhere on the bike too. We'll see. Gonna be at my buddies shop tomorrow and Thursday working on stuff so I'll take pics and update as it goes.

Next race weekend is labor day weekend. I don't have my license yet so I'm gonna take the new racer orientation on sat after getting my first seat time at the track day on friday and do a few races Sunday as a provisional novice.

Name: Chris aka Reactor. Originally Posted by Braden The Mid-Ohio School. Originally Posted by Sirref. I don't think I took the opportunity earlier, so welcome to the forum.Upon returning home, he knew his first cafe racer project would need to be challenging and flawless to stand out in the Brazilian custom scene. Any modern sport bike certainly presents challenges for the custom builder, given the frame design. Flavio took those challenges in stride, creating a modern cafe racer that punches well above its weight class.

Below, we get the full story from the man himself. I invited to help me on this mission a friend architect, Fabio Matiollialso a motorcycle enthusiast, and together we started Mr.

And what does Mr. Ride mean? In a reference to the movie Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Mr. Ride is about helping people to rescue their true selfhelping them to release their alter ego through a very special way: an unique bike. And to start, we chose the Kawasaki Ninjawhich being a sport bike, would certainly present many challenges to become a legitimate cafe racer.

ninja 250 build

What also helped in the decision was the fact that there were very few projects with this model around the world. Since Brazil is a country with many restrictions regarding customizationwe chose to build as many parts from scratch as possible to make the bike truly unique, avoiding using parts purchased from China as most people use to do. In this way we fabricated in metal sheet the tank, the tail, the fenders, the plate holder, the side plates, among others.

ninja 250 build

Finally, we chose a painting pattern that highlighted the design of the parts and I was r esponsible for the painting myself. As a tribute to the past of the brand, we set in the tank a replica of the old Kawasaki logobought by me in Japan.

Follow Mr.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Highlights by us. Kaichiroh and Flavio And what does Mr. Follow the Builder Follow Mr. Leave a Comment Cancel Your email address will not be published. Recent Posts. Custom Bikes for Sale Insure your Motorcycle. View on Instagram.The Kawasaki Ninja R codenamed EX ; previous generations had market-specific names is a motorcycle in the Ninja sport bike series from the Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki originally introduced in As the marque's entry-level sport bike, [1] [2] the motorcycle has undergone few changes throughout its quarter-century lifetime, having received only three substantial redesigns.

In some markets the Ninja has been succeeded by the Ninja Sincethe bike is marketed as the Ninja R in all markets. It is also referred to by its platform designation, EX, to which a generational suffix is attached. The Ninja R's particular ergonomicschassis design, and engine placement have resulted in a motorcycle that straddles the standard and sport classes. The Ninja's riding posture also falls between standard and sport.

The first generation was produced between andand known by the production number EXC. It was sold as the GPZ Sold only in its home market of Japan, this earliest, belt-driven version was first produced inand shares no commonality with later generations. Produced between and was the EXE.

Ready. Set. Scrambler! Turn Your Ninja 250 To The Dust Side

This model was sold as the Ninja R in Canada and the U. It was known as the GPZR elsewhere. For the model year, there were both cosmetic changes and changes in engine tuning.

While the bore and stroke, and other major engine components, were unchanged, minor tuning adjustments were made. InKawasaki gave the EX its most extensive redesign in twenty years.

Parts from the third generation are still found on the -J, but its redesigned exterior panels bring the Ninja's appearance out of the s and into line with lates sportbikes.

The redesign of the engine resulted in improvements in engine response at low engine speeds, making the bike smoother and "much easier to ride. On the carbureted version, a fuel gauge was added in place of the temperature gauge. With the arrival of the EXJ, manufacturing continues to be located in Thailand.

ABS is available as an option. Like the previous generation, the engine is fuel injected in some markets and carbureted in others. At the Tokyo Motor ShowKawasaki introduced the Ninja alongside with the all-new Ninjawith the latter to be sold in Europe and America, replacing the Ninja From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about Kawasaki's twin-cylinder sport bike sold since Indonesia keeps turning out some of the hottest custom builds, and one of our favorite shops is Rockers Motorcycle Custom out of Bengkulu City.

The Kawasaki Ninja is the dominant entry-level sport bike, with fun far beyond its displacement size. This particular specimen came to the shop already customized, but poorly. Megy was able to steer the concept back on track, sketching first and then executing a design that we love.

Below, we get the full story on this bantamweight Ninja street tracker! Hi, first my name is Megy Yuana. My love of the world of custom motorcycles is fairly new — about 9 years ago I became so interested in cafe racers, because I feel this is my passion. Finally he took this bike to my workshop on the recommendation of his brother, who is also a lover of custom motorcycles.

The concept of this Ninja is one of the the street tracker — a concept that the owner wanted. The beginning of my work began by drawing a sketch of the bike first. After seeing my pictures, the consumer immediately agreed. After that I immediately mutilated this bike, starting from the framework up.

I customized further with body work like gas tank and others using a 1. That work took almost two weeks. After all the goods were in place came the road test. After the road test there were no obstacles, so came unloading and starting with the final work of finishing, painting, and chrome, which took one week. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The owner and people who see this bike feel happy and thrilled.

Leave a Comment Cancel Your email address will not be published. Recent Posts. Custom Bikes for Sale Insure your Motorcycle. View on Instagram.View First Unread. When done it will have an air shifter operated by either buttons on the steering wheel or paddle shifters. I built the engine cradle from scratch and raised the cart 2 inches for better ground clearance.

I am using a chain drive instead of the belt drive. This required adding a clutch peddle. The gearing is going to have to be changed to allow reasonable engine speeds at 10mph. The current gearing is I would like to go with 8 or 5 to 1. I have some pictures but they need re-sized before I can post them. I have modified the stock motorcycle exhaust to fit the cart.

It was actually cheap and easy. I bought two 1. I then fabricated mounts to attach the mufflers to the rear axle. I mounted the radiator on the front of the cart behind the bumper. I have the ninja wiring harness separated and labeled ready for install and modification in the cart. After an 8 hour day tomorrow I hope to have the throttle, clutch and choke cables made and installed along with a finished cooling system. Today BGW. Sponsored Links. Re: ninja build.

I tried to post a link to my photobucket pics but I have to wait 7 days to post a link according to forum rules. I will post the link in a week. Here is the link to my photo bucket. The cart is operational! I still have a long way to go before it is finished. The gearing is way to low so I will be getting some gears soon. I need to get my air box made for the air cleaner for noise and obviously clean air. Then I will work on the air shifter. Thanks Rifter.

I certainly will keep the pics coming. Have you played with any of the limited slip stuff for ezgo. Do they use a different carrier?

I wish i could get a mini detroit locker for it. I used a Mini Sprint car rear axle, the Golf Cart rear end wouldn't have lasted long.

The beast is alive! I had to pull the carbs apart because they sat for 7 years and I never drained the gas. Every circuit was plugged. I decided I am going to use the ninja rotors and calipers for brakes.

I will have to get another set but they are cheap on ebay. I will use a wilwood master cylinder to actuate them. I was pleasantly surprised by the cooling system.You might think it pointless to modify a little two-fifty four-stroke, but I think it sounds like fun.

This Ninja features a Garrett GT12 turbo hidden inside that fairing. The stock bike makes around 25bhp at the rear wheel and this turbo version made an easy 40bhp on the first run.

ninja 250 build

With a few mods and changes to the throttle bodies and fuel injection system, power was increased to 58bhp. Fit some decent tyres, upgrade those brakes and you'll surprise a few people with your ability to keep up on your '' Skip to main content.

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Kawasaki Ninja 250 Cafe Racer Build

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