Magnum bulldog 357

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magnum bulldog 357

Earn Bullseye Bucks. Click to get email when it's in stock! Estimated in-stock date Place your order now for delivery priority! Unit Converter for Airgun Measurements. Create an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. Things I liked : This rifle is a beast!!!

The trigger is much better than I expected from some of the reviews. If you do your part, and keep your shot distance reasonable, it will do a number on any critter in this country Things I would have changed : Trash the fill valve cover. What others should know : Over all Im very satisfied with everything iv gotten from Pyramid Air Greg hooked me up fat!! Air Venturi compressor an all the trimmings. Things I liked : Very impressed its a hard hitter going to be doing some modifications soon to make it quietwith a Danny FL moderator, Stronger hammer spring different cocking lever and De-pinger, overall very pleased with the performance and thrust output.

Things I liked : Very lite and powerful. Shoots JSB pellets very well. So at a psi fill at 50 yards all three mags send JSB pellets in one large ragged hole. Velocity peaks at fps for foot lbs. The Air Venturi grain round nose and flat are about 2" at 50 yards. The Rick Morill 97 grain pellets are an excellent cheaper choice and shoot about 2" groups at 50 yards.

Its a powerhouse shooting pellets. The gun is lite and shoulders well. The charge handle in the rear is strange to me but it cycles very well.Thanks for the initial impressions of this weapon.

I own five Charter Arms revolvers. Overall, I always considered them a good value for the money. I ordered the. Those factors, along with a reasonable purchase price, sealed the deal for me, even though I own a half dozen. I'm looking forward to receiving the revolver and taking it to the range. I already ordered rosewood checkered grips from Altamont to replace the standard factory grips which are now rubber.

Initial Impressions of the high-polish Mag Pug This past month I've splurged on a couple new Charter Arms revolvers: a new and unique no-moon-clip Pitbull in. I like stainless revolvers, and a polished stainless revolver is especially appealing to me.

I know some folks don't like the fingerprints, but i just wipe mine down. I don't worry about scratches or dings or dents - I think those things just add character. But it's nice to know that with a Charter you're not handling a shelf queen - these revolvers are meant to be used and used hard! I took mine right out to the range after purchase, but first gave it a thorough check-out and cleaning. Loading up with some reman. Unknown May 28, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.The answers you have already received are good ones and right on target. This gun is an excellent one for personal carry. If you don't spend too much on the item you can't loose too much from wear and tear. As stated it is a 5 shot revolver and comes in both the or the 44 special which is indeed the gun used by Son of Sam. Trust me when I tell you that I have a safe full of guns and one of them is the Charter Arms Bulldog.

You can't beat it for the value. Well, Charter Arms is kind of a 'cheapie' company, however they sell a lot and they are not completely junk. BTW, that's the "Son of Sam" gun. It all depends on condition. Beat up nearly worthless. For firearms values you can always try going to a local bookstore and looking them up in a "Big Blue Book of Gun Values" or similar publication.

Answer Save. Hope this helps. Erika Lv 4. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. This Site Might Help You. RE: anyone know the value of a charter arms bulldog.

DJ Lv 7. A dealer or pawn will give you about half to two-thirds of that value. Call it Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.I love them. Wheel guns are the proverbial thing that causes my boat to become buoyant. There I see the people that actually buy the guns and whether or not they are reporting any problems. Overall the Rossi sort of falls into the range-queen spot in my gun safe.

But in all seriousness the only reason I do not carry this gun on the regular is in a self-defense situation the Rossi would require two hands in order to swing open the gate, making it a bit of a slowcoach and of course in a self-defense situation seconds count. For me, the recoil on this gun is negligible even when shooting. When shooting. Perhaps owing to the guns steel frame and comfortable-for-me grips I have found this gun easy and fun to shoot.

Big game hunters shopping for a well-built wheelgun with stopping power need look no further than this handful. The CZ line of gas-less semi-automatic shotguns is not only new to the company but fairly new to the Over the last year some of the best reflex sights the market has seen made their way to consumers. My Account See Cart. The Guns. The Rossi. Latest Headlines. Latest Reviews.

Best Wheelguns for Big Game Hunting Big game hunters shopping for a well-built wheelgun with stopping power need look no further than this handful.

magnum bulldog 357

Optics to Trick Your Guns Out with in Over the last year some of the best reflex sights the market has seen made their way to consumers.Then I got thinking about the new and improved, totally revamped, Charter Arms Bulldog. This highly-rated and recommended. Unfortunately, Charter has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the years, so it will take some time for their reputation to catch up to where it truly belongs.

The here today, gone tomorrow Charter Arms is a thing of the past; The New England firearm producer currently boasts a catalog filled with first-class, heavy-punching revolvers. However, while Charter was battling bankruptcy and struggling to manage their operations, the Bulldog fell victim to several manufacturing complications. After outlasting a couple of halts in production and receiving a few overhauls, the final version of the.

Model: Bulldog Caliber:. Although it only chambers five rounds. Charter Arms abandoned the traditional side plate and opted for a stronger single-piece frame. Furthermore, to boost their durability, these guns have their barrels threaded into their frames.

magnum bulldog 357

Clearly, Charter was determined to create a CCW that could handle tons of abuse. In fact, they even ditched the conventional small retention screws for a more modern route —having the cylinder yoke secured into the strong steel frame.

To keep it around 20 oz. As a result, Charters are not only significantly more dependable than more-traditional revolvers, they are also excellent for self-defense.

Although the Bulldog has no external safety mechanism, it is nonetheless regarded as one of the safest CCWs on the market.

The Rossi .357 Magnum: The poor man’s revolver

In order to eliminate the common safety issues of carrying a wheel gun, the solid-framed Charter contains the dependable hammer block transfer bar safety system. In fact, this now-ubiquitous feature was actually invented by Charter way back when. By its build alone, you can already see that the Bulldog is no ordinary revolver. The purpose of the Bulldog was to offer big performance in a small, compact frame, and Charter knocked it outta the park.

The big bore.

Charter Arms Bulldog Review

Because the American company designed these as self-defense weaponsthey are most accurate within a yard range. In true Charter genius, the New England weapons manufacturer made a few small adjustments to their barrels which resulted in huge improvements in their accuracy and overall performance. Their brilliance was to add more rifling to their barrels, opting for 8 grooves instead of the usual 6. As a result, Charters can fire their trademark heavy rounds straighter, faster, and more accurately.

Nevertheless, I recommend investing in a good holster, especially considering that these were made to be CCWs. On the other hand, since my father was looking to holster his new gun on his ankle, I suggest checking out the Galco Ankle Glove holster.It was introduced in The Bulldog has been available for the.

It was a top-selling gun during the s and it is considered to be Charter Arms' trademark weapon.

S&W Model 66 Combat Magnum 2.75"

Designed by the founder of the first version of Charter Arms, [5] Doug McClenahan, [6] the Bulldog was released in It was one of the best-selling weapons of the s and the s in the United States. Some time later, manufacturing began again under the Charco descendant company of Charter Arms trademark. This company also filed bankruptcy, and the models produced during this period showed obvious production flaws.

In Junea version of the Bulldog with new features [6] began to be produced by another company named Charter Arms, [10] but this time was distributed by MKS Supply. The Bulldog was used by the serial killer David Berkowitz aka "The. Like most Charter Arms weapons, the Bulldog is a relatively inexpensive yet serviceable, no-frills, [5] snubnosed revolver. It features a concave sight. The accuracy of the Bulldog is aided by its trigger pull. According to reviews, it is more accurate than expected for a revolver of its size and type [5] but probably not enough to be called an "accurate" weapon.

When the gun is fired, the hammer does not actually strike the firing pin. Under normal firing circumstances a small steel bar called a transfer bar is raised as the trigger is pulled, placing it into a position between the firing pin and the hammer itself. The falling hammer strikes the transfer bar, which in turn strikes the firing pin, discharging the weapon.

The Bulldog is apparently intended for light, fast bulletsas with heavier and slower bullets it is less accurate. With this bullet type, the shot is very powerful and has a strong penetration but the recoil can easily be handled. Other ammo types are weaker or provide too much recoil. Five models of the Bulldog have been produced, allowing customers to choose between:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup, Shrouded

Type of Revolver. Charter Arms. Guns and Hunting. Archived from the original on Retrieved Archived from the original PDF on Categories : Revolvers of the United States. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Pages using deprecated image syntax CS1 Spanish-language sources es Commons category link from Wikidata.

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magnum bulldog 357

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Charter Arms Bulldog. Traditional double-action or double action only.Early Charter Arms Undercover Revolver. Early Charter Arms Grip Medallion. Charter Arms Undercover Revolver. The company went through several name and address changes. The early guns the first or so did not display an address on the right side of the barrel, being marked only in capital sans-serif characters:.

The early guns had a grip-medallion with a sketch of an oak tree at least through serial number Starting inthe guns, made in Bridgeport, Connecticut, were marked on the right side of the barrel in all capital sans-serif characters:. Doug McClennahan moved the company to a newly-built plant in Stratford, Connecticut in April of Guns made in Stratford were marked on the right side of the barrel:.

On 15 Decemberdue to health problems, Doug McClennahan retired and sold his share of the company to Dave Ecker. Ecker assumed the position of Chairman of the Board, as well as President. Around the company was acquired by its vice president of finance, Jeff Williams, renamed Charco Charter Arms Companyand moved to Ansonia, Connecticut. Apparently, quality control was not good in Charco, and the company had to close its doors in Nick Ecker and two other investors bought the company and reopened it inunder the name Charter in Shelton, Connecticut.

By Ecker had become sole owner, and in renamed the company Charter Arms again. The guns made since have had good quality control, and the company has regained its earlier reputation for quality and reliability. The Charter Arms revolver utilizes an investment-cast one-piece frame with no side plate.

The trigger guard and grip frame are a separate piece made of aluminum alloy to save weight. The ejector rod is also aluminum. All other parts on the original Undercover revolver are made of steel. To my knowledge no one has ever commented on the similarity between the Charter revolvers and the early High Standard Sentinel.

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