Dpf delete kit for mack mp8

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dpf delete kit for mack mp8

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dpf delete kit for mack mp8

Exclusive offer: Free hardware, free shipping! You pay for software part only! Legal framework for the use of … Continued. Legal framework for the use of this service. This is ECM tuning adjustment service. Open filter. Cummins Engines DAF Trucks 1. Detroit Diesel Engines 1. Mack Trucks MAN Trucks 4. Renault Trucks 7 Renault New 3. Version 2 4. Special Tools 1. Volvo CE 6. Volvo Trucks 18 Volvo version 2 Volvo version 3 and 4 8. Remote service. Category: Mack Trucks. Description Reviews 0 Description Legal framework for the use of this service.

Terms and conditions are determined in the Public Agreement.Discussion in ' Mack Forum ' started by DadetruckingAug 17, Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Aug 17, 1. Can you guys tell me the good and the bad about them?

DadetruckingAug 17, Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Aug 17, 2. Aug 18, 3. Aug 18, 4.

What is ECM delete tuning & how we do it

DadetruckingAug 18, Aug 18, 5. Whatever the difference is it's a big secret or they can't be bothered to put it on their website or brochure. Need to talk with a salesman? Aug 18, 6. Aug 20, 7. Just be aware they are known for having injector issues. Even the new common rail design that came out last year might not of fixed the issue.

Still too early to tell. Other then that I loved my Mack. I still miss it even with all the issues I had. ChicagoJohnAug 20, Aug 20, 8.

DadetruckingAug 20, Aug 20, 9. Personally I liked the older conical cups over the newer style. I had a brand new set go bad 7 months after doing them. Found out the head was bad also, so they covered the injectors under warranty. Or at least injectors started going bad, but I would need to buy all 6. Other then injectors, they're good solid trucks. Sep 8, We run a lot of dirt roads, farm roads, etc and we're paid by the load. The Macks are solid for tough work.

I've driven Petes and KW's in the oilfield that were about equal in dependability. Petes and KWs may have a few more creature comforts but I like the Mack too.

One thing is for sure, we don't have a terrible amount of emissions related problems with the MP8. The co. Just a guess, but my guess the Cummins have 10 times the emisions problems as our MP8s. They handed me the keys to a brand new Pinnacle just a couple months after hiring on and it just topped k in 2 yrs.We can program your ECM remotely or you can ship it to us. We'll bench tune it and overnight it back to you.

Don't have your ECM programmed until you have talked to us first. We are priced competitively and will work with you and your situation to get you done quickly and back on the road. Improve your MPG Today! We are something unique as we believe in doing the job right the first time. Our motto is keep the customer satisfied, and the customer will keep you satisfied too.

We stand by this motto and that is how we have managed to survive in the market for all these years. Because we're the best, that's why. Every truck and driver are a little different, so your tune is customized for you. We don't use deletes that have been floating around the internet.

And we stand behind our work. We get your ECM tune done right the first time. We won't be satisfied until you're satisfied. Call Brad today at We're located in Montana, but we ship dang near anywhere.

If in doubt, give Diesel Performance of Montana a call If interested in becoming a dealer for Diesel Performance of Montana, email: sales dieselperformancemt. Diesel Performance of Montana serves more than just Montana!With the expertise of our engineers, we deliver the best solution to provide better engine performance and fuel economy for your truck or equipment. All of our solutions have been tested on actual vehicles and with DYNO!

There is no need for you to ship your ECM engine computer. All you need is a laptop and a connector i. If you do not have the requirements, you are welcomed to ship the ECM to us; ask us for more details. You do not need to have any special software. We provide the software for free! The total process takes minutes! No need for a professional! What is Required: Simply follow the instructions that comes with the purchase of an emulator.

Then, drill out or remove the DPF filter to have constant low soot levels.

dpf delete kit for mack mp8

No special software is required. The installation is as simple as that. We guarantee our products and provide full support for any issues that may occur. Give us call on 1 or email us on support akzodiesel. All you need is to create an account it is very quick and then log in. No, in fact leaving the DPF in will cause more problems in the future. Once the DPF is removed there is no need to worry about regenerations, power loss, or expensive bills from the dealers.

A blocked DPF uses more fuel making the engine work harder. With any order of an emulator, we offer a five 5 year warranty on all our emulator products. If for any reason the device stops working, please ship it back to us and we will replace it free of charge.

Please keep in mind that you do have two 2 days to test your emulator before drilling out the filter.Our team has spent over 16 years developing and refining our ECU Tunes and Plug-In Units to offer you the very best in industry power and fuel economy increasing products.

Each product is tested for maximum durability and engine life expectancy. They also use only the highest grade of components assembled in the USA with European electronics not China like our competitors for the industries best warranty of 3 years!

If you have any questions on pricing, availability, fitment or anything else feel free to contact us with your Model, Year and engine. Too much load on an engine can lead to poor fuel consumption and also premature engine wear, especially to the engines bottom end bearings! HDT's tuning and plug in units SAFELY increase the engines power output allowing the engine to do the same work it struggled with before with less load and increased speed allowing a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

Big Rig Truck. Medium Duty. CASE I.

2007-2009 Mack MP7/MP8/D13F US07 DPF/EGR delete. Remote tuning service.

New Holland. Marine Engines. Big Rig Tuning Products Less consumption, more torque, better fuel economy! Agricultural Products. Tractors and other agricultural vehicles require sufficient power to handle heavy work loads.Just retuning your engine can achieve big horsepower and torque gains or better fuel economy and drivability. This high temperature causes the urea to form ammonia.

Many people are tempted to simply hollow out this filter, however this mistake can cause catastrophic failure. The exhaust is designed to have sufficient backpressure to keep your turbo from over-spooling. Short RPM spikes due to over-spooling can reduce the lifespan of your turbo and surrounding components.

dpf delete kit for mack mp8

Failure to follow J-Ball recommended procedures for the exhaust system of your vehicle will void the ECM tuning warranty. Call for more information on emission deletion tuning for off-highway and racing applications. Please be advised that any truck modifications outside OEM specifications will void warranties, and as the customer you take full responsibility for all costs incurred as such. The customer must be aware of all operational requirements for legal use in their country and any ECM modification tuning done by J-Ball Electronics is strictly for off-highway, racing or sled pulling competition.

The customer hereby waives all legal rights and understands J-Ball Electronics, its employees, sub-contractors and business associates will not be held liable for any reason. Call our knowledgeable technical staff toll-free at for more information. We are an aftermarket custom ECM tuner and rebuilder, all aforementioned names, logos and trademarks shown on our website are owned by the respective companies.

TeamViewer 10 Download. Ready to tune your ECM? Detroit Diesel.

Volvo & Mack

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Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter redimix Start date Jan 15, Tags dpf emissions volvo volvo trucks. Anyone had any experiences with them? Looking at the ones by the OTR folks. OK so I'm going to put it out there, modifying emission components is illegal. It is frowned upon to discuss such matters as well. That being said, I have never heard of delete kits for these engines.

NathanR New Member. Copperhead Well-Known Member. Injun Rabid Squaw Staff member. Copperhead said:. They are required to restore the emissions stuff to the truck at the owner's expense. Injun said:. We've been through this in another thread. This is incorrect information. There is no such regulation or law. It's very possible this is a manufacturer's dealer shop policy, but it is not law. No shop is allowed to do work on a vehicle that has not been authorized by the owner and no shop is allowed to hold a vehicle for any reason other than failure to pay the bill.

The shop may refuse the work. The shop may have its own policy that all vehicles must be compliant before other work is done. But they don't have any authorization to force repairs on a customer or confiscate noncompliant vehicles. Not directly, but the problem is that if a modified truck comes out of a manufacturer's shop after repairs unrelated to the delete and is then busted, the shop may have to defend itself from charges that they did the delete.

It's about how much liability the shop wants to risk. Well, that can be true, but there are many dealer shops that will work on a emissions deleted truck but you will not like the bill when they are done.

Imagine that bill when they are done!

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